Men’s Beaded Bracelet with Green Tiger Eye and Gunmetal Panther

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Like a tiger, the Tiger’s Eye stone is one that is known to protect. The stone represents strength and patience. This stone brings courage to those who wear it, as well as inner harmony and peace.

Silver is a color known to illuminate the way forward. As a flowing color that relates to the moon, it is emotional and mysterious yet soothing and serene. Silver signifies a time of change and reflection in ones life, it helps cleanse the mind and manage emotions. Silver is not a color that is negative or positive rather one that reflects energy that is given out. Silver also exhibits sophistication, wealth and modernity.

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  • Green Tiger Eye Stone, 8mm
  • Gunmetal Tiger Charm

Club Dzign wants to make sure that your beaded bracelet is exclusively made for your fit. When choosing which bracelet size, measure the circumference of your wrist by using a paper measuring tape and choose from our size chart. Please ensure correct size is chosen, we can exchange your bracelet if it does not fit but we will not be responsible for shipping costs.

X-Small5.5″ – 6″14 – 15.4
Small6.1″ – 6.5″15.5 – 16.5
Medium6.6″ – 6.9″16.6 – 17.5
Large7″ – 7.3″17.6 – 18.5
X-Large7.4″ – 8″18.6 – 20

1 review for Men’s Beaded Bracelet with Green Tiger Eye and Gunmetal Panther

  1. 5 out of 5

    I bought this for my son a couple of days ago for his birthday and just wow! The way light pours through these beads gives off such a beautiful green hue. The tiger charm is coated with black crystals, with two large green ones for the eyes that glimmer so brightly. He loves it just as much as I do. So happy with my purchase!

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